We are quite easy to use and for placing an order you just need to click on order now button. There fill the form by putting your number, address and attaching prescription/photo or write down your medicine name. You will get confirmation call or sms from Paakhealth customer support team in a short while.
No, you can place your order with us without having any account
When you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation call or sms with time details and delivering method.
We are an online web and application where you can place an order. At the same time keeping in view consumer demand and convenience you can place your order by making call to our customer support team.
Yes sure you can call us to track your order, and its status
Sure, you can make changes to your order before confirmation call or during confirmation call or sms.
Sure, you can cancel your order after you placing it. Here you need to be early before our rider starts its ride. Confirmation call or sms from Paakhealth customer support team will be consider as confirmed and final.
In this case your order will be delivered as soon our working hours get started.
Yes, if the parcel is not properly delivered or the items are not delivered in its original form or the items are damaged.
We make sure of carrying all the requested items to you but if in case you did not receive the said item you ordered, you can handover the parcel back to our rider and your order will be delivered again without any extra charges. For any other inconvenience, please call us on 0348-111-666-5.