About us

PaakHealth is bridging the gap of health care facilities between urban areas and remote areas particularly FATA and far flung through technology.

Our Commitment

PaakHealth brings you the most convenient options for getting immediate medical facilities with your smartphone and the internet, no matter where you are.

Paakhealth truly understands that immediate healthcare provision is a priority.

As we know, the state of health facilities is painfully inadequate and seriously undermined. Government is at failure to provide the masses with basic health facilities even in urban areas, so it’s needless to talk about the worst scenario of totally no health facilities in remote areas like FATA and KP.

This is where PaakHealth comes into the mainstream for facilitating people by making the basic health care needs accessible to them effortlessly and efficiently.

PaakHealth is dedicated to improve the access of common public to immediate health care opportunities by using the innovative technology of internet and smartphone.

We are passionate to bridge the gap between rural, remote and urban areas by disintegrating the physical barriers. The health care situation is totally worst. People have no idea where to find a drugstore which stocks all the necessary medicines, they don’t know how to find a proper doctor, and they don’t have any sources of immediate mobility of patients when there is an emergency.

So, PaakHealth will enable a common man sitting in a far flung village of FATA and Kp to seek any kind of immediate medical assistance they require in the form of doctor, medicine, laboratory tests or emergency service, just by using an internet connection and their phone. Since, the motto of our dedicated team is to empower the disempowered people of rural areas for seeking the quality medical and healthcare facilities.

While Pakistan is in the situation of a Healthcare Emergency, you can still get your medicines, doctor appointments and all health care assistance you need online through the platform of PaakHealth. PaakHealth is ready to set the standards “gone are the days when you had to travel miles for getting an aspirin from a doctor sitting 30kms away from your home in FATA”. Now these all healthcare facilities are available nation-wide in Pakistan, just on one click through the platform of PaakkHealth.